3D Geological Analysis SystemGEO-CRE / GEO-CRE Pro

What is GEO-CRE/GEO-CRE Pro?

GEO-CRE is capable of visualizing various geological data in the virtual 3D world, such as terrain data, geological survey, geological map/CAD data, geophysical exploration data, and highly qualified borehole data (Pro only).

To cope with BIM / CIM / i-Construction, GEO-CRE allows sharing of the model to other 3D design fields. GEO-CRE can help you to analyze the geological impact on the underground structures, apply the data to various simulations, make 2D CAD drawing, and create CG animation.


1. Geologic Modeling

  • Real-time modeling process in the 3D world
  • Available to various geological structures, including fracture, fold, lens, fault, etc.
  • Can control models with widths of several centimeters to several tens meters in one space

2. Building Structure Modeling

  • Ensure model accuracy by using the ability of 3D CAD
  • Supports general CAD data (2D and 3D)

3. Model Analysis

  • Check model accurancy
  • Check model interference
  • Create contour diagram
  • Create geotechnical cross-section
  • Calculate the dimension and soil amount etc.

4. Basic Geological Data Analysis

  • Input for borehole information/ visualization (Pro only)
  • Make borehole log
  • Borehole analysis (Pro only)
  • Stereo analysis of the geological structure etc.

5. CG / Visualization

  • High-quality rendering
  • Anaglyph
  • Animation etc.

6. Data Management

  • Compressed data management
  • Hierarchical layer manager

7. Data Import and Export

  • Import and export borehole log data in XML
  • Supports various data formats including TXT (point cloud), GSI DEM, images, VRML, CG, CAD data (DXF / DWG), etc.


If you are considering the purchase of GEO-CRE/ GEO-CRE pro, feel free to contact us.

System Requirements

OS Microsoft Windows 7/8.1/10 64bit recommended
It can run in 32-bit OS, but performance will be reduced.
CPU Intel Corei3-i7 or compable GPU
RAM 8GB or more
GPU OpenGL 2.x capable GPU recommended
Monitors 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) or more
HDD/SSD Free spaces needed For install: 5GB or more
For work: 100GB or more